About PSA:

Prairie Seeds Academy is a public charter school.  Tuition, meals and transportation are provided for every child. After-school learning and activities, sports, summer school and field trips provide an engaging place of growing learning and sharing. We have 800+ K-12 students.

PSA strives to raise bright, confident global leaders and problem-solvers. We do this in concert with families, communities, businesses and other local educational facilities.

For example: The PSA “College-In-School” classes through the University of Minnesota enable students to earn UMN college credits while in High School. Students can earn credits from North Hennepin Community College and Minnesota International University. These credits are often accepted towards the completion of a college degree.  Juniors and seniors at PSA can accumulate a semester or two of courses towards completion of their undergraduate college degrees–saving thousands of dollars.

PSA provides Honors Courses are offered for students who have shown outstanding abilities in subject areas.  Currently PSA offers Honors Courses in the following areas: English, Social Studies and Science. We have a good number of National Honor Society Students at PSA.

Our student body comes from many diverse communities including: Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian, Latino, Liberian African American and others. Students find safety at PSA. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment (bullying) and/or hazing–two of the main challenges facing immigrant children in other schools. We are very supportive of families, communities and know and respect the extended family traditions that these children bring. Lunch is a great example. We find that children who have been living in Asia, Africa and South America often find comfort together over lunch. They can readily identify with the rice, beans, greens, chicken soup (pho) and other delicious meals that remind them of home.

Students at PSA speak a number of languages at home. We are staffed with Reading, Math, and Special Education specialists to    supports for students who are learning to speak English as their primary language. A team of tutors from Americorps, tutorial and mentoring programs help them put these new skills to work in their required academic classes. PSA has literacy and language learning courses in Hmong and Spanish.

PSA is a candidate to become an International Middle Years Programme School. Adopting this curriculum helps our children enter the colleges that they want and prepare to become our community leaders.

DSC03009With the help of our teachers, families, staff and community our children thrive. In this site you will discover how we achieve such remarkable results.