How do I Register

Easy! We would love to have your family join our community as together we mold our future generation.

Mail: You can get a registration form by calling the school at 763 450 1388. We can mail it to you.

Stop by: You can come in to our Main Office at 6200 West Broadway Ave No, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428


Bad weather--how do we know what to do?

Listen to WCCO radio 7:00am or Channel 5--the local news for school closings.  If the Minneapolis Public School District is closed due to the Weather, we are also closed.

How do I know which bus my student should ride?

At Open House and Parent/Teacher Conferences, and during the summer when teachers visit homes, there will be a list available of the buses that come to PSA.

You will get a bus card and a map. Your student will walk only a block. However, to be eligible for a bus you must live a few blocks from the school. If there is a busy intersection we might be able to get you if you are close. Call the Transportation Coordinator, Mong Vang at (763) 274-4502.


Which is the right bus, how do I know?

You will get a bus information card. Look for the number on the bus, and the number on the card. The number and the school name are posted in the bus window or on the side of the bus. The number is also posted by the door of the bus.

It is very important that you remember your bus number.

What happens if the morning bus is late?

At the beginning of school there are always problems with the bus routes. If the bus does not come please call the office at (763) 450-1388. This will help us locate the bus and find out the reason for the delay. You might have to arrange for a ride for your student if the bus doesn't come for the first few days of school until we get everything resolved.

When does school end and when will my student come home?

School ends at 3:15 pm for K-5 and 3:30 for 6-12.

Who provides the bus service to PSA?

PSA owns 7 buses, and we have contracts for 5-6 buses from American Transportation.

I don't like where my student is waiting for the bus. How do I ask for a change?

Please send a note to the main office. It will take a few days after we get your note to make a change. A copy of the new bus schedule will be sent home to you with your student. Changes will affect all the other pick up and drop off times for all the students riding the bus. We can not make changes that will last for only a few days.

Where do I drop-off my student?

Please use the school parking lot to drop off your child before school.

Please do not use the bus lanes in front of the school.

If your child is late, please walk your child to the main office and sign in.

If school has started and there are no buses, you can drop off by the front door.

How do I get my student from school?

All students leaving school before 3:20pm MUST sign out in the main office.

Park in the school parking lot and walk in to meet your student in the main office.

In the afternoon, do not park in the bus lanes in front of the school.

What are the rules for riding the bus?

All students must follow these basic rules:

Stay seated at all times. Do not change seats.

No food or drink on the bus.

Students are not allowed to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop unless a parent has given the school written permission.

Remember: the driver has a very important job. Do not do anything that might disturb the driver.

My student did not follow the bus rules. What happens now?

In Minnesota riding a school bus is a privilege. If a student does not follow the rules, they lose the privilege to ride a bus.

The first time a student does not follow the rules, the driver will remind them of the rules.

The second time, the driver will write an official report to the Transportation Coordinator.

Elementary (K-%)

1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: 3 school-day suspension from riding the bus

3rd offense: 5 school-day suspension from riding the bus

4th offense: 10 school-day suspension from riding the bus/meeting with parent

Further offenses: individually considered. Student could be suspended from riding for the rest of the school year.


Secondary (6-12)

1st offense: warning

2nd offense: 5 school-days suspension from riding the bus

3rd offense: 10 school-days suspension

4th offense: 20 school-day suspension from riding the bus/meeting with parent

5th offense: suspended from riding the bus for the rest of the year.

Note: When any student goes 60 transportation days without a report, the student's consequences may start over as if it is the first offense.

If the student commits a major offense, the student may lose bus privileges for the rest of the year immediately. Major offenses include: possessionof a gun or weapon, attempting to ride on the outside of a bus, running in front of a moving bus, pushing another student in front of a moving bus.

I don't want my student to ride home on the bus today.

You must write a note to the main office.

The only way your student will be able to NOT ride the bus is with a note from the custodial parent.  WITH NO NOTE YOUR STUDENT WILL GO HOME ON THE BUS.

If a teacher talks to the parent the teacher will write the note, sign it and state below the signature "Phone permission from parent".


Can my child ride another bus to a friend's house?


Under no circumstances can a studen get on any other bus but the one they are assigned. The student can not be dropped off at another bus stop.

My child has been suspended from the bus, but there is a field trip coming.

Your student can not ride the bus. Bus riding privileges includes field trips and school events. Your student will not be allowed to ride the bus for any reason while suspended from riding.