Scroll down to view the Prairie Seeds Academy Building. Built in 2008, PSA features an entrance filled with light and space to welcome all students, teachers and community members. This attractive atrium is used constantly during the day. At lunch the IB Coordinators set up fun learning activities. Often, classes will use the space to launch experiments. Students often study or play guitar and other instruments on the benches.

PSA Atrim2


The PSA Atrium balcony is wide-enough to host student art exhibits, student meetings and the Spring Symposiums. During the Spring 10th grade students set up projects and presentations. Students easily move from table to table to marvel at each other’s work. Some students have presentations on clothing that they have made, others proudly display cherished items from their home countries, while others run media projects that they have produced.

PSA Atrim

The well appointed PSA Building on 6200 West Broadway Ave in Brooklyn Park 55428 features air-conditioning, energy-efficient systems and a beautiful layout. The east wing houses the elementary school, the west lower level is middle school, and the west upper level houses the high school. The media center, library and board room are on the second floor with photosensitive windows that keep light and heat at constant levels.
PSA Frontview

State of the art science rooms provide PSA with the latest equipment and technology to support their work in chemistry, biology and physics. The rooms feature quick access to sinks and other advanced safety features. PSA Science Classroom

Breakout areas are in constant use by student council, National Honor Society and PSiA (Positive Students in Action) members. They also serve as place to study during lunch, and places to socialize after class.PSA Breakout Hall