Charter Schools can not legally own property in the state of Minnesota. As a result, a separate Building Holding Company was established to own and oversee the management and maintenance of the building.

The Prairie Seeds Academy Building Company

Located at: 6200 West Broadway Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

The Prairie Seeds Academy Building Company (the Building Company) is a Minnesota nonprofit organization classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by reason of its function as a “supporting organization” of the Academy. The Building Company is being operated exclusively in support of the Academy and, in particular, to purchase, own, and construct a public schoolhouse on real estate for lease to the Academy.

The Prairie Seeds Academy Building Company Bylaws

Building Company Board Members

Board Members:

Chair: DeGune Lee

Vice Chair: Jeff Culp

Secretary/Treasurer: Becky Buckley


PSA Building Co. Board Minutes

March 09, 2017