Prairie Seeds Academy is committed to integrating environmental learning into its curriculum and practices. Environmental Learning combined with Community Service is one of the six major goals in the School Improvement Plan.

The focus is further clarified by Principal Choua Yang with the following additional objectives:

a. National Honor Society

90% of NHS students will participate in the following environmental activities

• Tutoring elementary students with curriculum that includes environmental learning

• Fundraise for community and environmental projects

• Hosting school events to increase environmental awareness

• Streets and park adoption events

• Other activities as planned

b. Positive Student in Action (PSiA)

90% of the PSiA students will participate in the following environmental activities:

• Volunteer at the elderly home

• Participate in the improvement of middle lunchroom improvement

• Food drive, pack them and deliver to shelters

c. Youth Alliance Group

90% of Youth Alliance program students will participate in the following environmental activities


d. PSA Student Council

90% of elementary and secondary students council members will participate in the following environmental activities

• Fundraise for winter gears for students in need

• Funding and hosting school activities; ie. School dance

• Other activities as planned

e. Teen Outreach Programs

90% of the TOP homeroom students will participate in the following activities:

• Participate in a Taste of Service

  • i.e. Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children

• Complete a 20 hour of service learning project chosen and lead by the students

f. Other activities cited in the School Improvement Plan 

90% goal attainment of SIP plans includes activities such as:

Garden: winter, spring, summer and fall activities to prepare, create, manage and harvest a garden, supervised by Youth Alliance (Americorps) staff

Recycling: new recycling bins in all classrooms and common areas with student groups learning how to manage non-paper recycling

Community Engagement: Tree Trust, and other Community Service Projects

Curriculum: Teachers are incorporating environmental learning into various lesson plans

Efforts are reported like these from 5th grade teacher Mai Thao:

We have a compost bin outside the door of a 5th grade classroom. Last year, 5th graders would collect leftover scraps from lunch into plastic ice cream buckets and put them into the compost bin, though I don't know how the school has used it for fertilizing. We also planted trees in cooperation with TreeTrust organization outside surrounding our school. It was an all student event and classrooms went outside by grade levels to plant these trees. There was also some advocating about using reusable cafeteria trays. Additionally, we set up recycling bins out and about the hallways this year. Each classroom got a recycling bin in June and students have been learning how to separate trash.

Mai Thao, PSA 5th Grade Teacher